El Salvador

El Salvador

Thursday, November 2, 2017

When laying the groundwork is in the mud!

Bethany Community Church team to El Salvador
A few more team members :)

Hurricanes, tropical storms, flooding and more have wreaked havoc this season in the Caribbean and Central America.  We are so thankful that the worst of this extreme weather has bypassed El Salvador where we are going to build houses.  But during the rain season in El Salvador, a deluge of rain is something they deal with regularly and even more so these past months.

Here are a some pictures posted by Jenny, who works for Shelter in El Salvador as the Family Coordinator, preparing the way for the homes to be built.  Jenny meets with the families that receive homes before we even arrive.  She gets to know the families and asks them what their struggles are. She finds out if there are ways that the local church can help.  Jenny
makes connections and brings the hope of Jesus Christ before our team even sets foot in El Salvador.

Many people are laying the groundwork in El Salvador so that these homes can be built for families in desperate need.  Imagine experiencing a torrential downpour in a home where your roof is a patchwork of plastic and scrap metal pieces.  Where winds blow through the cracks in the walls and where rivers of water come washing through your home and your dirt floor becomes a muddy mess.  To build a home with a roof that doesn't leak and a concrete floor that keeps them out of the mud is giving a family life!  And isn't that what a blessing means - to bring life.

Jenny says, "I come with the purpose of being used by God, and that is stronger than anything.  I want to tell you that God is working in families.  This past week I visited several families in the community of Agua Caliente and there is a single mother who after receiving her house decided to go to a church and be baptized."

It is an incredible privilege to be a small part of this ministry where new life is given.  It is an honour that we can go and build these homes and bring the gospel message to the families receiving homes.  We have a team of 24 people going to build 18 homes from November 4th - 12th.  We ask that you would pray for our team and the families receiving homes.

Jenny's caption on her photos read: "Enjoying the job!! Because duty calls, and the rain will not be an excuse!"  And so we go, with anticipation of what God will do and with no excuses either!

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  1. We will be praying back here, and watch as God is at work in El Salvador!