El Salvador

El Salvador

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Last Build Day - by Grace and Sue Johnson

One of 3 build teams at the end of the day - all finished!
Building in tight spaces

                Today has been truly amazing. The day has gone by so fast, and we have experienced so many things. Starting in the morning, we got to participate in our first house build because we have been running kids ministry Monday and Tuesday. Although we are both VERY inexperienced with tools and construction, our Bethany team and our Shelter workers were so patient with us and always included us in all parts of the process. We were very impressed with the encouraging atmosphere and how eager everyone was to build. The locals took such pride in their involvement in the project, and although we don’t understand the language, it was very special to connect with them through the build.

                We also got the opportunity to interview the family who was receiving the house. This deepens the meaning of all the hard work we accomplished that morning, and it was such a blessing to be able to listen to their story. Ingrid and Gloria are such hard working women with full hearts, and hearing their life story was very emotional and touching. Ingrid has been helping at every single chance she gets on each house every day, and was so happy to finally see her new home.
Fun in Kids Ministry
                The afternoon was full of fun and giggles. I was able to end my last building day in kids ministry, where I made lots of new friends. Playing soccer was a lot of fun, but the big red balloons were a favorite. 3 year old Antony was always by my side, and we played with his brothers and friends all afternoon. After a fun time building in the morning, my mother Sue decided to help build the last house. She got to try using all different kinds of tools, and got to know the teammates who she hadn’t bonded with yet so far. The goodbyes were very hard as the always are, but we are looking forward to seeing some of our new friends at the key giving ceremony on Friday.

                Dinner was definitely a highlight …  we tried pupusas, El Salvador’s traditional dish. After dinner, we got the chance to gather with the local pastor, Amilcar, and his family. We were completely and utterly moved by his message tonight. I cannot fully explain how I felt and what I experienced this evening, but my heart has been changed. Seeing how passionate these people are about God and how deep their love is for him is so inspiring. Pastor Amilcar's testimony was a major eye opener, and it brought everyone in the room closer to the Lord. As a high school student, I find that I am at a very vulnerable spot in my life spiritually. After these past few days in El Salvador, I am very happy to say that I feel closer and closer to God each day, and am ready for anything that he may throw my way because I know that he is with me and he loves me. I have been spiritually moved tonight, and am so blessed to have been surrounded by these people. Today has been a day that I will never forget … a true blessing. 
By Grace & Sue Johnson

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