El Salvador

El Salvador

Saturday, November 11, 2017

God's Power at Work

Baptism in the Pacific Ocean
Sue, Julie & Grace

Our week in El Salvador ended with a trip to the beach to enjoy a bit of down time before we head home.  But it wasn’t a typical beach day.  During this transformational week, 3 people on our team felt called by God to be baptized and so we had a baptism in the Pacific Ocean.  
Amidst crashing waves, Julie, Grace and Sue were baptized and committed themselves to following God and trusting in Him with their lives.  It was truly a special way to end the week!

At debrief tonight our team reflected on the many things that had impacted them this week.  The enormity of the poverty here can be overwhelming, but 18 families now have safety and protection from the elements.  The work of the local church to connect with these families and their commitment to sharing the gospel was so inspiring and the love of God was evident in many tangible ways.  The power of God to connect people at a deep level in such a short amount of time really blew us all away.
Families with keys and Bibles, consecrating their homes to God

We are going home changed because of what we have experienced this week.  We came to bless but in return were blessed so much more.

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