El Salvador

El Salvador

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

House #11

 Left to right- Romeo, Hector (translator), Jacob, Maira, Stephany

When interviewing our family, we had quite a few laughs. The Lopez's were such happy people, so grateful for all that God has provided for them. The family was so happy that they were getting a safe house.

After Romeo and Maira had known each other for a few years they moved in together. They couldn't afford to get married like most couples in El Salvador, and they both honestly stated that when they were married they weren't in love. Romeo confessed that Maira was 'a little pretty' and she said that he was 'handsome'. Over time their love grew for each other. The Lopez's enjoy walking to church together every week. It is one
of their favourite things to do.

When the first earthquake came, it destroyed their home, so they moved in with  Maira's mom. After the second earthquake, the house was very dangerous to live in, but they had no where else to go, so they stayed living there. The family tried to build their own home, but couldn't afford the resources needed.
Romeo and Maira's main concern was the safety of their two children. They wanted a safe house for their kids.

Romeo was very distracted during the interview because all he wanted to do was go and help build his family their new home. Romeo and Maira are very much in love and are so happy to be given a safe home for their family.