El Salvador

El Salvador

Friday, November 10, 2017

Compassion Day - by Shannon Engel

Driving to the Compassion Centre
This week continues to be one of transformation and today is a day I wish could start over.  We traveled by truck for almost an hour from San Vicente to Mercedes La Ceiba where Compassion Day was held.  

We were welcomed by the Compassion, leaders, teachers and their students. There was a parade and band that escorted us to the meeting centre where we were treated to the most heartfelt rendition of Hear I Am to Worship which was not only sung by voices of angels but also in English.  This is one of my favourite songs which I have sung hundreds of times and I have never felt its meaning in my heart as much as I did today.  

We toured the school and had to opportunity to see what wonderful lessons and skill sets these teachers are providing these children that have so little opportunity and have so many obstacles to overcome. We learned that what is unique in this region, is that the mothers often end up abandoning their husbands and children. In the classroom we visited of children ages 14 – 17 years, 80% did not have a mother.

Continuing with the tour, we learned all the wonderful ways God is working to support and grow these children through education, sport and learning life skills such as sewing, hairdressing, aesthetics and hairdressing.  We were told that our support brings them hope because it makes them feel like they matter and for some children, that’s the first time they’ve ever heard that.

Thank you all for your prayers and support – it means more to us then you know. 
by Shannon Engel

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