El Salvador

El Salvador

Friday, March 16, 2018

Compassion Day by Rachel Boyd & Renee Smith

Today was an impactful day. We were able to meet personally and share memories with our compassion children. The day started off with breakfast. We had cornflakes, ham and cheese, egg salad sandwiches. We were then introduced to the translators that would be helping us throughout the day. They were very friendly and full of joy. We then had a beautiful 40 minute truck ride to the compassion center, we were greeted with open arms from our compassion children, with signs, streamers, a band, and a HUGE welcome sign. It was cool to see the smiling faces of the children lined up to parade into the compassion center.

Everyone found their seat with their children and waited for the program to begin. The children from the center sang songs in English, and we listened to a short sermon spoken by their principal. We were then split into groups then they gave us a tour of a cosmetology classroom, a normal classroom, a sewing classroom, and the principals office. After that we were given the opportunity to spend time with our children and play games with them. We then set up tables and had a chicken lunch with flan for dessert. We then gave the presents to the children, and their reactions were priceless and we cannot explain it in words. We were then sat down and shown their file which contained medical documents, report cards, compassion letters, birth certificate, and spiritual activities. After this we gave heart wrenching goodbyes to our child, their families, and everyone else who came with them.

All in all, today was a very eventful day, filled with laughter, and tears. We changed their lives just as much they changed ours. We all have plans on coming back to visit them again. As well as changing the way we view different opportunities, the difference in between a want and a need, and how we interact with people. Good day, great day, had a good time.
-Rachel and Renee   

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